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Turbocharger Accessory Repair

Your turbocharger system provides power to your aircraft during virtually all phases of flight. Proper turbocharger accessory repair and preventative maintenance help assure the effectiveness and safety of the system. Airmark Overhaul has over 40 years of experience in turbocharger accessory repair, and our trained technicians perform all of the work needed to keep you flying.

All turbocharger accessories go through a rigorous testing sequence on our Manufactures approved test box. Airmark Overhaul’s tests duplicate the aircraft’s operating parameters from sea level to maximum altitudes, and every turbocharger accessory is tested and documented to perform within appropriate safety margins. Our qualified technicians deliver the technically superior work necessary to meet the critical tolerances and calibration required by the manufacturer. All turbocharger accessories repaired and overhauled are also fitted with the proper mounting o-rings and gaskets.

Every turbocharger accessory is checked and adjusted for all of the following as applicable:

  • proper seat leakage
  • optimum deck pressure sensing
  • over-boost prevention
  • optimum wide-open throttle operation sensing
  • optimum exhaust by-pass clearances
  • optimum Alpha Angle settings
  • trouble free and fluid operation

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Professional Turbocharger Accessory Repair

We focus on keeping our customers flying, minimizing downtime with our quick turbocharger accessory repair turnaround. We can further limit your time on the ground by offering you exchange services. Airmark Overhaul is an FAA approved repair facility and are proud to have provided turbocharger accessory repair services since 1975.

We have built our reputation on our high-quality workmanship and outstanding customer service. Our team of fully trained professionals perform your turbocharger accessory repairs services with our manufacturer’s approved test box. Airmark’s attention to detail and customer focus provide you with the peace of mind for continued flight. 

Discover the difference our experience and technical skill can make. Give us a call at 954-970-3200 or fill out our brief contact form above. We look forward to working with you.

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