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Our starter adapter repair services include fast turnarounds and available exchange units to keep your downtime to a minimum. Each accessory is dimensionally, visually, magnetic particle and liquid penetrant inspected and includes all new seals, gaskets, bearings and required replacement parts. Our trained technicians fully comply with all the manufacture’s requirements to provide you with a high quality product that is trouble free.


Part Number Description REPAIR PRICE RANGE Core Charge Preceding P/N
646220A37R O-300, IO-360-A, D, H, J, K $650.95 to $2,450.95 $1,500.00 635048A1, 646220A2, 646220A14
642083A12R IO-520-B, BA, BB, C, CB, M, MB; IO-550-A, C, G, N (Flat Top) $850.95 to $2,250.95 $2,000.00 635049A1, 642083A2, 642083A4, 642083A5, 642083A7, 642083A9, 642083A10
646220A54R IO-360-C, G $950.00 to $4,850.95 $1,500.00 635048A14, 646220A3, 646220A9, 646220A11, 646220A19, 646220A38 
646220A51R TSIO-360-A, C, D $1,550.95 to $5,650.95 $2,000.00 635048A2, 635048A13, 635048A17, 646220A5, 646220A10, 646220A12, 646220A20, 646220A27, 646220A41
646220A43R TSIO-360-B, H, JB $950.00 to $4,850.95 $2,000.00 635048A4, 635048A18, 646220A6, 646220A16, 646220A29
646220A45R TSIO-360-E, EB, F, FB, KB (One Vacuum Pump Pad) $1,150.95 to $3,950.95 $2,000.00 635048A8, 635048A10, 635048A15, 635048A20, 635048A23, 646220A8, 646220A18, 646220A31
653074A41R TSIO-360-E, EB, F, FB, KB (Two Vacuum Pump Pad) $1,650.95 to $6,350.95 $2,500.00 641348A5, 641348A8, 641348A15, 653074A2, 653074A8, 653074A12, 653074A17, 653074A29
646220A50R LTSIO-360-E, EB, F, FB, K, KB $950.00 to $4,850.95 $2,000.00 635048A7, 635048A16, 635048A21, 646220A4, 646220A15, 646220A35, 646220A49
653074A38R TSIO-360-F $1,850.95 to $6,850.95 $2,500.00 641348A3, 641348A6, 641348A14, 653074A4, 653074A9, 653074A14, 653074A26
653074A47R TSIO-360-MB $1,150.95 to $3,950.95 $2,000.00 641348A10, 641348A13, 653074A1, 653074A13, 653074A35
643259A18R O-470-B, E, G, J, M, P, R, S, U; IO-470-C, H, J, N, P, R, S, U, V;  TSIO-470-B, D;  IO-520-A,D,F, J, L;  TSIO-520-AF, C, G, H, M, P, R;  IO-55-D, F, L (Sandcast Rear Alternator) $650.95 to $2,250.95 $2,000.00 635050A5, 635050A14, 635050A4, 643259A7
642087A69R IO-520-B, BA, BB, C, CB, M, MB; IO-550-B (Airconditioning Shaft with no Working Scavenge Pump) $1,050.95 to $3,850.95 $2,500.00 635061A9, 642087A3, 642087A6, 642087A11, 642087A15, 642087A18, 642087A23, 642087A27, 642087A31, 642087A35, 642087A41, 642087A47, 642087A51, 642087A55, 642087A59, 642087A64
655034R TSIO-520-AE $2,550.95 to $5,850.95 $2,500.00 643165A1, 643147
655035R LTSIO-520-AE $2,250.95 to $5,850.95 $2,500.00 643165A2, 643165A3, 643152
658440A1 TSIO-520-B, D, E, J, K, N, UB, VB; TSIOL-550-B (Permold Front Alternator with Integral Scavenge Pump) $950.95 to $2,950.95 $2,000.00 635061A1, 635061A3, 635061A5, 642085A2, 642085A4, 642085A6, 642085A8, 642085A11, 642085A13, 642085A15, 642085A17
642087A70R TSIO-520-BE; TSIO-550-B, C, E (Airconditioning Shaft) $1,050.95 to $3,850.95 $2,500.00 642087A9, 642087A13, 642087A16, 642087A19, 642087A20, 642087A21, 642087A24, 642087A28, 642087A32, 642087A36, 642087A42, 642087A48, 642087A52, 642087A56, 642087A60, 642087A65
643259A39R TSIO-520-CE $950.00 to $4,850.95 $2,500.00 643259A14, 643259A26, 643259A38
642087A68R TSIO-520-E, J, K, L, LB, WB $1,050.95 to $3,850.95 $2,500.00 635061A6, 635061A8, 642087A2, 642087A5, 642087A10, 642087A14, 642087A17, 642087A22, 642087A26, 642087A30, 642087A34, 642087A40, 642087A46, 642087A50, 642087A54, 642087A58, 642087A63
642087A67R TSIO-520-L, WB $1,050.95 to $3,850.95 $2,500.00 EQ6458, EQ6493, EQ6528, EQ6538, 642087A4, 642087A7, 642087A8, 642087A12, 642087A25, 642087A29, 642087A37, 642087A43, 642087A45, 642087A49, 642087A53, 642087A57, 642087A62
EQ6642R GTSIO-520-C,D,H,L,M,N $2,050.95 to $5,050.95 $2,550.00 635050A10, 635050A8, 635050A22, 643259A5, 643259A16, 643259A17, 643259A24, 643259A28, 643259A40

Prices, specifications, terms and conditions are subject to change without notice.

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