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Lycoming Aircraft Engine Overhaul

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Lycoming Aircraft Engine Overhaul

Airmark Overhaul’s Lycoming Aircraft Engine Overhaul service includes precision work performed by a team with the highest level of expertise. This focus combined with our quality assurance program will give you the peace of mind you deserve with every flight.

Focused on Quality

From disassembly to final testing, each step of your Lycoming Aircraft Engine Overhaul is inspected and documented to assure you of the highest quality product. After disassembly, all your engine parts are thoroughly cleaned and inspected to ensure your Lycoming Aircraft Engine Overhaul is brought to the highest standards possible.

Each engine is fully tested in our diagnostically equipped test cell and is operated through its full power range to confirm that it meets or exceeds the manufacturer’s parameters set forth for that engine. Our Lycoming Aircraft Engine Overhaul test cell procedures verify all pressures, temperatures and operational characteristics so that when you receive your engine, it is ready for installation with only minimal adjustments required to the airframe. 

Affordable Lycoming Aircraft Engine Overhaul

We provide you with the highest caliber Lycoming Aircraft Engine Overhaul services of work at a price that will make you a customer for life.

Independence makes a difference

As an independent engine overhaul facility, Airmark Overhaul has options that aren’t available to your aircraft’s Original Engine Manufacturer (OEM). The OEM is limited to their own parts and prices. Our team of experts are free to install the best and highest quality parts available for your Lycoming Aircraft Engine Overhaul. All engines are assembled to factory new fits and clearances. The manufacture’s 100% parts replacement criteria are Airmark Overhaul’s minimum standard guideline.

Professional Lycoming Aircraft Engine Overhaul

We have built our reputation by providing the highest quality work while minimizing your total downtime. Airmark Overhaul, Inc. has proudly provided our customers with complete Lycoming Aircraft Engine Overhaul services since 1975.

As an FAA approved repair facility, Airmark Overhaul is trusted by customers for their most complex aircraft maintenance needs. Our team of trained professionals will provide you with unequaled workmanship and outstanding customer service. All of our Lycoming Aircraft Engine Overhaul services incorporate a static and dynamic balancing process for the internal rotational parts. This process considerably improves the life and operational characteristics of your engine. 

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