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Landing Gear Capabilities

Britten Norman Islander & Trilander Landing Gear Overhaul

Britten Norman Islander & Trilander Landing Gear Capabilities List

AIR46202 SeriesNose Gear
AIR46200 SeriesMain Gear (Wide)
AIR46470 SeriesTri-Main Gear
AIR48280 SeriesNose Gear
AIR48934 SeriesMain Gear (Narrow)
AIR48958 SeriesMain Gear (Narrow)
AIR83002 SeriesMain Gear (Wide)
AIR83006 SeriesTri-Main Gear
3499H1 SeriesMain Gear
3499H2 SeriesMain Gear
3501H1 SeriesNose Gear
3501H2 SeriesNose Gear
3507H1 SeriesTri-Main Gear
3507H2 SeriesTri-Main Gear
3811H1 SeriesNose Gear
3811H2 SeriesNose Gear

Value Added

A landing gear overhauled by Airmark Overhaul has always brought added value to an aircraft. Airmark Overhaul’s precision workmanship, high levels of expertise and a quality assurance program, give you the peace of mind you deserve with every landing.


A landing gear by Airmark Overhaul offers you the benefits of reliability, safety, performance and endurance. Our Quality Assurance Department maintains complete traceability of each part that goes into each landing gear. From disassembly to final testing, each step of your landing gear overhaul is inspected and documented to assure you of the highest quality product.


After disassembly all landing gears undergo a thorough cleaning process by chemical and/or mechanical means. This process will prepare your landing gear parts for numerous detailed inspection procedures. These detailed inspections are just some of the reasons that many parts not meeting Airmark Overhaul’s critical inspection standards are replaced. Required ferrous parts are magnetic particle inspected, both circularly and longitudinally for surface and subsurface flaws. Liquid penetrant inspection is also utilized to detect flaws in nonferrous castings. All parts are inspected visually and dimensionally in accordance with the manufacturer’s specifications. Aluminum parts have a corrosion treatment applied, preserving the part against any future deterioration. All painted parts are coated with custom high temperature enamel paint.


As an independent overhaul facility, Airmark Overhaul has an advantage over the original manufacturer. The manufacture is limited to using their own parts but at Airmark Overhaul we can install what is determined to be the best and highest quality parts available for your landing gear. We have numerous repair schemes available to bring your excessively worn parts back to new limits providing you a significant cost savings versus having to replace with a new high cost part. All of our landing gears are assembled to factory specified fits and clearances. The manufacturer’s 100% parts replacement criteria is Airmark Overhaul’s minimum standard guideline.


Each landing gear is fully tested on our Hydraulic Test Bench and operated through its full range to confirm that it meets or exceeds manufacturer’s parameters. All pressures and operational characteristics are verified so that when you receive your landing gear it is ready for installation with only minimal adjustments required when mounted into your airframe. All Mandatory Service Bulletins (MSB) and Airworthiness Directives (AD) are complied with at the time of overhaul.

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