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Propeller Strike & Sudden Stoppage

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Propeller Strike & Sudden Stoppage

Continental Motors states: «A propeller strike is: (1) any incident, whether or not the engine is operating, that requires repair to the propeller other than minor dressing of the blades as set forth in Continental SB96-11B or subsequent revision  (2) any incident while the engine is operating in which the propeller makes contact with any object that results in a loss of engine RPM. Propeller strikes against the ground or any object can cause engine and component damage even though the propeller may continue to rotate. This damage can result in catastrophic engine failure.»

«Following any propeller strike, complete disassembly and inspection of all rotating engine components is mandatory and must be accomplished prior to further flight.»


Lycoming states in SB533C: «This Service Bulletin identifies propeller/rotor damage conditions and gives corrective action recommendations for aircraft engines that have had propeller /rotor damage as well as any of the following:

  • Separation of the propeller/rotor blade from the hub
  • Loss of a propeller or rotor blade tip
  • Sudden stoppage

A propeller strike includes:

  • Any incident, whether or not the engine is operating, where repair of the propeller is necessary
  • Any incident during engine operation where the propeller has an impact on a solid object. This incident includes propeller strikes against the ground. Although the propeller can continue to turn, damage to the engine can occur, possibly with progression to engine failure
  • Sudden RPM drop on impact to water, tall grass, or similar yielding medium where propeller damage does not usually occur»

Lycoming also states: “Circumstances of a propeller strike cannot always be used as predictors for the extent of engine damage or its future reliability. There can be varying degrees of damage to an engine and propeller from a propeller strike. The initial damage can be hidden but could become progressively worse with time and wear.”

Airmark can provide all encompassing safe and cost effective repair of your engine with continued time.   Strict adherence to the manufactures’ instructions and procedures gives you the peace of mind for continued flight.  Click on our request for quote link to the right to receive a no obligation quotation.

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Airmark Overhaul, Inc. has served the aviation industry since 1975. We provide quality work to Lycoming and Continental Motors aircraft engines and their associated cylinders and accessories. We are an FAA Approved Repair Facility and also an EASA Approved Facility.

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