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Continental Aircraft Engine Overhaul

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Continental Aircraft Engine Overhaul

Our Continental Aircraft Engine Overhaul services include precision workmanship, high levels of expertise and a quality assurance program that give you the peace of mind you deserve with every flight. 

Airmark provides in-house, all the (N.D.T.) Non-Destructive Testing requirements for your ferrous and nonferrous parts. Engine Manufactures have very distinct requirements for the N.D.T. inspection of all the engine parts. All N.D.T. inspectors at Airmark have the licensed training requirements needed to inspect your parts and maintain the highest quality commitments for your Continental Aircraft Engine Overhaul.

Affordable Continental Aircraft Engine Overhaul

Our Continental Aircraft Engine Overhaul services are designed to provide you the highest caliber of work at a more reasonable price than most aircraft owners have grown accustomed to.

Each engine is thoroughly examined and fully tested

  • Using our diagnostically equipped test cell
  • Operated through its full power range
  • Verifying all pressures, temperatures and operational characteristics

Our comprehensive process helps to ensure that your engine meets or exceeds the manufacturer’s parameters and is ready for installation with only minimal adjustments required to the airframe. 

From disassembly to final testing, each step of your Continental Aircraft Engine Overhaul is inspected and documented to assure you of the highest quality product. After disassembly, all your engine parts undergo a thorough cleaning and a detailed inspection process to ensure your Continental Aircraft Engine Overhaul is brought to the highest standards possible.

Professional Continental Aircraft Engine Overhaul

We provide you with a quick turnaround, keeping your downtime to a minimum. Airmark Overhaul, Inc. is proud to have provided customers with high-quality Continental Aircraft Engine Overhaul services since 1975.

Airmark Overhaul is an FAA approved repair facility. Our trained professionals provide you quality workmanship and are focused on your satisfaction. All of our Continental Aircraft Engine Overhaul services incorporate a static and dynamic balancing process for the internal rotational parts. This process considerably improves the life and operational characteristics of your engine. 

Call us with any of your questions, or to schedule you Continental Aircraft Engine Overhaul at 954-970-3200 or complete our brief contact form. We look forward to working with you.

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