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Affordable 500 Hour Magneto Inspection and Repair

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Our 500 hour magneto inspection and repair services include precision workmanship, high levels of expertise and a quality assurance program that give you the peace of mind you deserve with every flight. 

Did you realize that the magneto manufacture requires your Continental Motors (formerly Bendix) and your Champion (formerly Slick) magnetos to undergo a 500 hour inspection and repair regardless of time or condition? This inspection entails detailed inspections of

  • ball bearing assemblies
  • rotor
  • contacts
  • coil
  • condenser
  • distributor block
  • carbon brush
  • sufficiently lubricated areas

The 500 hour magneto inspection and repair is critical to maintaining the proper operation of your engine. Airmark Overhaul is dedicated to keeping you flying, and it shows in every detail of our work.

Is it time for your 500 Hour Magneto Inspection?

Airmark Overhaul is your go-to resource to keep your aircraft flight-ready. We perform expert and efficient 500 Hour Magneto inspections and repairs, taking the guesswork out of timing your preventative maintenance. With our thorough inspection, you can rest assured that every step is taken to ensure the safe and pleasurable operation of your aircraft.

Professional 500 Hour Magneto Inspection and Repair

We specialize in minimizing your downtime. Our experience and quick turnaround times provide you with a 500 hour magneto Inspection and repair that will get you back in the air faster. We are industry leaders in all of your aircraft repair and overhaul needs. Airmark Overhaul, Inc. has been proud to provide our customers with our high-quality 500 hour magneto inspection and repair services since 1975.

Our team of trained professionals will provide you with unequaled 500 hour magneto inspection and repair workmanship and outstanding customer service. Airmark provides all-encompassing, safe and cost-effective repair of your magnetos. Strict adherence to the manufacturers’ instructions and procedures gives you the peace of mind for continued flight. 

If for any reason you have any questions or concerns about our 500 hour magneto inspection and repair services, feel free to give us a call at 954-970-3200 or fill out our contact form on this page and a representative will respond shortly.

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